Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recruit A Buddy

I set up a new WoW account on Friday in the hopes of trying out the recruit a friend offer with a friend of mine. Since my base account was on trial, I upgraded so we could get the XP bonus and I could get my social game privleges back ( :P). However, neither has happened yet, and I'm beginning to wonder when it will. I got an email saying the payment is being processed and until then I do not my full ingame privleges or the XP bonus. Apparently this "proccesing" takes anywhere from 24-72 hours which is making me a bit anxious, seeing how it is the weekend and I actually have time to play. All I can do I wait and hope I get that email tommorow. Hope it comes, or i'll be forced to fly out to the blizzard offices in California to give them a little "reminder" :P

Just kidding of course... sorta.


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