Saturday, January 10, 2009

The best part about Warhammer Online

Earlier today I was playing my squig herder in the early parts of Tier 1. I came across a black orc who was looking for help with a certain quest. I myself had the quest on my "to do list" so we grouped and got the quest done. We quested for another several hours, eventually moving on to the next zone and taking on some of the PvP/RvR together. It was a lot of fun, to the extent that I felt I was playing with a friend I knew in real life.

Which leads me to my favorite thing about this game. The community. This game has one of the best player bases I have seen in a game, and I hope it stays this way. A few reasons why:

- Regional chat is incredibly helpful. You can ask anything about the game and get a helpful response in seconds.

- Group loot. It gets given to whoever actually needs it.

- Grammar. Everyone is understandable. There are no monkeys with keyboards anywhere to be found. (okay maybe a few, but I haven't encountered any)

- Everyone is incredibly friendly. Expect to meet new friends in this game, because it will happen.

Anyway, I continue to enjoy my second coming to this game. I'm glad I resubbed.


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