Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Update

With 2008 behind us, it's time to focus on what is 2009. But first a little recap...

2008 was another great year for gaming, with sales that once again show that the gaming industry is a growing behemoth. I would list all my personal favorites but there are too many and honestly I'm still trying to finish some of them.

Anyway - quick update. Picked up Crysis Warhead and City Of Heroes recently, great games. Haven't played much of the Crysis campaign but have actually just been playing quick matches of the multiplayer here and there, which is actually really fun. I might do a review on that later.

As for City of Heroes, it's a MMO with a very small ( > 1 million players ) but nice community and it as well is lots of fun. I've got an Ice Blaster on Freedom under the username MrBill if you play the game yourself. I'm actually surprised it has so little players when it's such a great experience and has been for several years now. I'm considering a review or something on this game as well.

But, haven't been doing much lately, just gaming on my new Lycosa Keyboard and letting my winter break pass me by. It's been a lot of fun these last few weeks. I hope everyone had a great year (productive and fun :D) and I can't wait to see how 2009 turns out.


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