Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dude, where's my squig?

This week has been pretty busy for me, but now we are nearing Friday once again and I will be able to put all that behind me and get back to gaming.

Team Fortress 2 and WAR are the two games I currently am spending my gaming time on. I like to play multiple games at once, preferably of different genres because it's nice to have some variety, especially when a game is becoming a bit of a drag (which seems to happen a lot in MMOs for me).

My squig herder is currently my main in WAR, and he's a decent amount of fun. I was leveling a shaman a few months back when I first got the game and I sort of miss playing him because of his healing abilities. Even though shamans are easy targets, they can last longer than other classes given their healing powers. I went ahead and chose apothecary as my main profession for my squig herder because I knew I would need the health potions during battles, but I can't make anything worth using at the moment so it's not really any help (we're talking 75-150 HP heals here).

But, I did manage to take down an engineer and ironbreaker (both around my level) in ORvR which was surprising, especially seeing that I ran over to them and started stabbing away. It's funny, I think I do more melee combat than ranged, which is why I might take my squiggy down the "stabbity" path. We'll see.

Moving on to TF2. There's a big update coming our way which gives the scout class new achievements and weapons. Looking forward to that. If you don't already own this game there is no reason not to, it is a lot of fun especially when your buddies play with you.

Looking forward to the weekend.


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