Sunday, October 18, 2009

So yeah, I resubbed to WoW

Literally a month ago I bashed the shit out of WoW, telling my friends that it sucks, it's boring, the PvP sucks, ect. But, WoW being the crack demon that it is got my subscription money once more for this month. My friend John started playing again, so that was even more tempting.

I will admit it, I have barely played WoW. I own none of the expansions and have never gotten a single character to 60. This is probably why I didn't enjoy the game, seeing how WoW is all end-game content now. It can be hard finding people your level to help with a certain quest or instance. But the good news is that Blizzard knows this and have made the road to 60 easier than ever.

Anyway, this is my mage Zubbyy on Earthen Ring. He's my highest level at 31, and I really am enjoying him. Mages get some really kick ass abilities, my favorite being Conjure food and Water cause it's so handy.

So expect more WoW talk, because it's coming.

- Rav4ge

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