Thursday, October 15, 2009

MMOs are a sometimes food

Well, not food. You know what I mean.

I have a strange relationship with MMOs. I do play them often, but most of the time when I have time for gaming, I tend to go for a simple, less diverse game such as an FPS like Team Fortress 2 or the like, something where I can just jump online and blow people into chunks of flying meat with a rocket launcher (once again, TF2 is a great example). I do enjoy MMOs, but I like to think of them as a "sometimes food," as Cookie Monster might say. When I feel like playing them, it's usually towards the end of the day when things start to slow down... when I start to get the urge to grind. Or when I've spent too much time gibbing people with mah lazerz. Sometimes I really get into an MMO, and as a result my time spent on FPS will drop.

I know most people who play MMOs jump at any opportunity to play them, but that's not me. I have two types of games I enjoy, and they both balance each other out. There's no way I could just play MMOs, my brain would likely explode. But such is the case for FPS games too. I am almost always subscribed to an MMO (usually just one at a time) and when I get the urge for something new, I get the newest, dammit. Well... aside from Aion that is.


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