Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on A3

I know I did a review of A3 a while back, but I've been playing the game more often since and have a better knowledge of everything in the game.

The game went over some major changes while I was gone - for starters the "byte" form of currency was completely removed from the game. Bytes were special currency used to buy things like clothing and other special features in certain areas of the game. Now, credits are used for pretty much anything, and bytes you have can be exchanged for a tidy sum of 300,000 credits each.

Another thing that was changed (much to my dislike) was the Battle Village, and area were you would train daily to get some side EXP and some cash. It's not gone or anything, but it's been severly nerfed to the point were I get about 500 EXP total each day from it. That's about the same amount as I would get for killing another player in combat.

I really like this game, and despite what I said about feeling burnt-out from playing it every day, I have continued to play it. I took a break from the EXP grinding and decided to have a go at the crafting system, which is actually pretty deep. I chose the fishing career and have made several hundred thousand credits selling my catches on the auction house marketplace.

There's really a lot to do in this game, even aside from the daily tasks. A lot of people may overlook it as "just another text-based battling RPG" but it's not like that. I was suprised when I first started playing, and I still find it cool when I find something in the game I had no idea about. I think this is the first text-based game I've been able to play for more than a week without getting bored.


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