Thursday, September 17, 2009

MMO update

School started about a week ago, so I've all busy and such with that nonsense. My gaming career (heh) has been shelved for now and my studies have become "numero uno." My gaming PC has been temporarily retired and my netbook has become my primary computer.

None the less, I can't survive without gaming at all. I have to play something. Well, I have been playing something. Something I reviewed a while back, actually. A text-based battle RPG that goes by A3 or Alien Adoption Agency. Like I (might have) said in the review, this game gets pretty dull. There's a great community to converse with and I'm lucky to be in a very fun and helpful guild but still. I've been logging on everyday for the past week and now I think I'm close to being done with it. I mean, it's text based, what can you expect?

I do have my mind on some MMOs though, more specifically Champions and (strangely) Warhammer Online. Champions cause it's CoH but like... modernized and WAR because looking back at it, I didn't play it enough and when I did I really enjoyed it.

I'm leaning toward Champions... but that may change. What about you? What MMOs have you been playing? Leave me a comment.


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