Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly gaming update 27/09/09

So good news, I managed to get some gaming during my much appreciated long weekend this week. Well, I shouldn't say some. A "shitload" is probably a better term. Friday was my day off, followed by a day of gaming on saturday and more sunday when myself and a few buddies again had a LAN session, though this time hosted by myself. I will tell you now, hosting one is fun and all but the aftermath (cups, plates, pizza stains, bawls bottles, now-sticky spills that no one cleaned up earlier, and random bits of things you're unsure of touching) isn't.

This week, WAR was a big one (surprised face!). This is probably because I convinced my friend to give it a try and I also decided to come back myself for a bit. It won't hold our interest for long (probably) but it is enjoyable. He rolled a choppa and I decided to come back to my lowbie Shaman from a while back, so that worked out well. I also had a solid 6+ months of rest XP, which managed to boost me from 6-9 relatively fast. Our realm (Dark Crag) pretty much died while I was gone, which is a bit of a shame. I had trouble finding almost anyone in T1 but when I did they were willing to group and do some PQs. Scenarios on the other hand, took almost an hour to pop at times. ORvR felt kinda dead too. Maybe it's just T1, but man DC has lost a lot of players. As I'm sure many of you know, WAR pretty much blows without other players to kill/group up with.

Champions is definitely next on my must-play list.

Other notable mentions:
  • Unreal Tournament Gold (on sale for 2 bucks on steam, great classic FPS)
  • SourceForts (this one was big at the LAN party. Basically HL2:DM but CTF and with a building mechanic)

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