Monday, September 21, 2009

September 2009 is an MMO month!

With so many good MMO titles coming out this month, it's been kinda hard choosing which ones I would like to get around too. Pretty much all of this month's releases are games I am more than willing to play. I though I'd share a bit of opinion on each... nothing too critical, just my impressions. Keep in mind I haven't actually played any of these yet.

Let's start off with probably the release that almost immediately fell on it's face - CrimeCraft. I actually thought this one would be decent, but from what I've heard it's nothing but a very empty lobby-based shooter. NOT APPEALING!

Champions Online! This is one I really want to try out, but I think I'll wait a bit. The costumes I've been seeing from bloggers and forum members alike have me pretty excited - and of course the combat looks epic. I actually did play COH once, and found my major problem with it is that the environments lacked polish/visual appeal. CO is the answer to that!

Aion - this one is on the "meh meter" for me. Looks too generic, aside from the flying. We'll see.

DDO -I actually really liked this one waaaay back when I bought the game and played it for the free 30 days. There's no way I would pay fees for it though, especially seeing how group-driven it is. I may come back to check it out, but group-based games aren't really my fancy. I like to be able to logon and fuck around while my friends aren't online.

Champions and WAR are the two MMOs I have my mind set on. I'll let you guys know when I make the final descision... I have some friends trying out WAR and whether they like it or not will have an impact on the game I pick.

Also: 3-day weekend this week! That means more gaming for me, and less for you!


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