Saturday, October 18, 2008

WAR first impressions

Last week I finally went out to my local EB Games and picked up a copy of Mythic’s new MMORPG Warhammer Online. I went home, installed it, and began playing.

I’ll start by saying the game does not disappoint. It either meets your expectations or exceeds them. Everything is very nicely done.

The first thing I liked was the starting area. Unlike WoW, the game does not start in a peaceful little village in the middle of a forest. You begin in the midst of a battle, with your race defending itself from enemies (in my case, greenskins). Not only is this a good way to start a game, but it makes you familiar with your race’s enemy and really gets you motivated to start fighting them, weather in NPC or PvP form.

The combat system is great so far. I like the whole “action points” idea and how you can attack as fast as you can click/press the attack button. There are also turrets/cannons you can use which bring you into first-person mode and do plenty of damage. Other than that it’s not much different from most other MMOs. I got tired of reaching for the 1 on my keyboard so I mapped the melee attack to one of the side buttons on my mouse.

Classes in WAR are very unique. You be surprised to find a lot of original class ideas you haven’t seen before in an MMO, such as the Team Fortress 2-esque Engineer and the goblin squig herder among others.

I am really enjoying PvP and Public Quests. They are both fun to play and the game awards you in different ways for playing them. Arguably one of the best portions of the game. Would be even more fun with a friend battling beside me…*sniffle*

The HUD is really well done, probably one of my favorite things about this game. Everything is bright and visible, making it easy to play the game. Looks alot like the WoW HUD but they’ve done a better job.

So overall, I would say this is probably the best MMO I have played (so far). If you have the chance to pick it up I would do so. It’s a little expensive since it’s a new game (50 bucks) but if you’ve got the money and the interest go for it.


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